SpaKnit Header Towel 50/90cm polo neck – Pebble, Charcoal

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  • A new collection of SpaKnit towels that are snag-free, energy saving and eco-friendly, with a great price tag.


Protect your bed with our header towel with polo neck  – Different design to prevent moving around, by folding under the bottom sheet

– Size: 50 x 90cm with polo neck
– Colour: Pebble, Charcoal
– On average 40% quicker drying, energy saving, eco friendly
– Wash to 70 degrees – Thermal Disinfection
– Snag Free Technology
– Hems will not tear
– Selvages will not fray
– Unique durable construction means it will last longer than a traditionally woven product
– Less oil absorption than 100% cotton towels – better washing properties.
– Safer Textiles, Oeko – Tex Certified against the harmful use of chemicals.

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Pebble, Charcoal