EcoKnit® technology doesn’t just save money – it reduces our impact on the environment too.

At Hartdean we believe in looking after the environment and the importance of looking after what we have, if we dont, then there will be nothing left for future generations to enjoy.

We have an Environmental Policy that we hope customers and suppliers alike will follow. With the policy in mind and the responsibility it carries, we at Hartdean have created the EcoKnit™ Towel. With up to 40% less energy consumed & carbon emissions released into the atmosphere with every cycle, and a product that lasts 2 to 3 times longer than woven, our footprint is very small indeed!

like everyday since 1982, we continue to market this exceptional EcoKnit™ towel, sending out consignments to every corner of the globe, creating awareness for a product that is in so many ways superior to traditionally woven towels.

EcoKnit Now available with recycled polyester


Sustainable Practises

As an innovative company in the UK textile industry, Hartdean Limited is aware of its environmental responsibilities.

Our factories all over the world have various programmes investing in environmentally friendly technologies, all aimed at reducing their footprint on the environment.

Some of the examples of these technologies they have invested in, are:

The factory has a wastewater treatment plant, and it reuses its own wastewater.
Carbon Dioxide Reduction
The factory is working on reducing its Carbon Dioxide footprint in accordance with international climate change regulations. With the introduction of a solar plant, the mill now reduces its carbon dioxide levels, by 30,000 kg’s each year.
Protecting forests & habitats
The protection of 1,750.000 trees have been provided by their Solar Power Plants, and therefore, by replanting of 34,250,000 square meters, they are encouraging the natural wildlife back into the frame where it was once lost.
Own cotton
In order to further reduce the mills carbon footprint, our factory grows its own cotton, reducing its reliance on imported cotton, and in so reducing the miles travelled by the raw materials.
Efficient use of natural resources
To invest in energy saving measures to help decrease the use of natural resources such as electricity, water, fuel and to reduce wastewater. Also high on the priority is to reduce plastics.
Ethical trading
We are conscious about ethical trading conditions and will only source products from suppliers who have been inspected.
Investing in our Oceans with Seaqual
SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a community of individuals, organizations and companies working together to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine litter and highlight those helping to fight it.
No Harmful substances certification mark

All our products bear the OEKO-TEX mark, giving confidence to consumers that no harmful substances were used in the making of our products.

Made in green certification mark

All our EcoKnit products bear the OEKO-TEX Made In Green mark, certifying the products are sustainably produced and have been tested for harmful substances.

CO2 miles

We look to reduce our impact on the environment through utilisation of factories positioned closest to customers. By sourcing and supplying regionally we reduce the impact of transportation on the environment. Less miles travelled = reduction in environmental impact.

Reduced plastics

Hartdean has committed to remove all plastic packaging. At every opportunity we try to reduce, replace, or remove plastic wherever possible. For example, we no longer use plastic for wrapping products, we use a recycled paper collar as a replacement.

Eliminating individually wrapped products and adding recycled paper collars has helped Hartdean reduce its plastic consumption by 80% since 2020.

Hartdean continues to work on further initiatives to help preserve what we have, and make it last for future generations to come.

Recycled savings with RPET plastic bottles

All our EcoKnit Towels now use recycled plastic bottles in them.

For every 1kg of EcoKnit towels produced, we use 10 recycled plastic bottles.

For every 1kg of recycled plastic bottles used, we save 1.5kg of C02 in the manufacturing process.

For every 1kg of EcoKnit Towels dried in the laundry, we save 118gr C02.

Hartdean Ltd - Research and Development

With a strong heritage in textiles since 1902 and developing the world’s first true EcoKnit towel in 1982, we pride ourselves on re – inventing textiles for the modern era.

Together with our inhouse engineer, our partner mills also have their own R&D departments with whom we work closely with to develop better, stronger, and more notably, sustainable ways of creating our products, this is an essential part of who we are and how we are going to create the textiles of tomorrow.


Hartdean Ltd also uses independent testing houses around the world, Weber & Leucht (Germany) and Laundry Technology Centre (LTC UK), Shirley Technologies Institute (UK).

Other independent laundry partners we work with are Electrolux (Germany), JLA Laundry Systems (UK), Girbau (UK) and WashCO (UK), to perform tests on our products, designed to help reduce energy savings through a reduction in drying times.

Every day around the world our products are used in commercial laundries, there is no better test than that of “Real World Conditions” after all, life is not lived through a laboratory.



    40% on average



By 15%



Up to 40%


REDUCE your chemical consumption

Reduce detergents


Reduce wastage

A longer product life reduces wastage


carbon management

Reduce volumes sent to laundries and balance CO2 savings against deliveries


Green is good for business

Join the move to make a difference and show your guests you care


love your ecoknit

If its worth something, love it, cherish it, look after it and it will love you back

Encourage guests to help...

Millions of towels are laundered each day throughout the world producing vast amounts of carbon dioxide, this small change could make a huge difference to the hospitality industry as a whole.

Our EcoKnit® A-frame bathroom card is designed to show guests how you’re doing your bit to create a greener future. It explains that the towels dry quickly and asks them to re-use them if they’re happy to do so.

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