EcoKnit® technology saves on laundry costs, helps the environment and keeps towels looking great - wash after wash.

EcoKnit® snag free quick drying towels are the most technically advanced energy efficient terry towels in the world, they are guaranteed to save you money and increase your laundry capacity.

Thanks for visiting our website, and taking the first step towards a greener business and lower laundry costs.

Whether you run a small hotel or large commercial laundry, we can guarantee you’ll save money by switching to EcoKnit® towels. In fact, the savings you’ll make on water and energy mean you’ll soon recoup the initial cost.

These savings mean EcoKnit® have the lowest laundering costs of any cotton towel available.

EcoKnit® Better for the environment, better for business.

Use 40% less energy

Saving laundry costs and reducing dependence on a non-renewable resources.

Requires 15% less water

Use less water per wash for huge long-term savings.

Lower carbon emissions

Reduce your carbon footprint and show you’re making a positive change.

Use less detergents

Cut down on harsh chemicals in every wash cycle.

Last 2-3 times longer

Towels look and feel good for much longer so you can replace less often.

What can EcoKnit® do for you?

The Benefits

First and foremost we guarantee EcoKnit™ towels will save you money! secondly we believe EcoKnit™ to be "the most technically advanced, energy efficient terry towel in the world today! " globally there is no other towel that has the drying capabilities and advantages that the EcoKnit™ towel currently has, fact!

EcoKnit® Towels dry up to 40% faster

Reducing your energy consumption and costs up to 40%! PROVEN Your existing 100% cotton towels are now COSTING YOU 40% MORE to process than what you can save with the EcoKnit® towel. This could mean up to 30 minutes per load therefore saving on labour costs and time constraints within the laundry.

EcoKnit® Towels save 15% water in the wash process

Polyester in the base construction absorbs less water. Thus when compared to 100% cotton towels, EcoKnit towels require 15% less water in the wash cycle. This has a add on effect of using less energy needed to heat the water, and a correspondingly lesser amount of chemicals for the wash.

EcoKnit® Towels last 2 to 3 times longer than your current towels

Longer-lasting towels mean you’ll save money on replacing stock and extend amortisation periods. Purchase EcoKnit once compared to twice on your existing 100% cotton towels and the savings for EcoKnit are clear to see.

EcoKnit® Towels are Snag Free and are virtually indestructible

The loops cannot come loose and the towel cannot fall to pieces like a 100% cotton towel. No more tearing of the hems and fraying of the selvedges in the laundering process. No more wastage and throwing away damaged stock, saving around 20% on an annual basis.

With EcoKnit® towels you will not have these problems. The loops will not pull, in fact you can see the proof with our wire brush test. You are able to brush the towel with an industrial wire brush and no snags or loops will come lose.

EcoKnit® Towels are so strong that the hems, and the selvedges will not fray – no matter how many times the towel is washed!

With the loops unable to come loose and the towel unable to fall to pieces like a traditional towel through friction in the laundering process. EcoKnit now reduces wastage in stock, making your purchase go further and saving you money!

EcoKnit® towels are so strong and durable, you can brush them with a wire brush!

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EcoKnit® Towels do not have Differential Shrinkage

EcoKnit® towels resist differential shrinkage, which is what causes traditional woven towels to become misshapen and hang awkwardly.

Better presentation wherever it is, means better presentation of your brand.

EcoKnit® Towels Technology reduces traditional bleaching problems

Traditional towels suffer from excessive use of bleach which weakens the base construction, tears and holes form in the body of the towels leading to wastage and increased costs.

EcoKnit® Towels with their polyester base are unaffected by bleach and therefore reduce the risk of weakening the fabric and thus incurring tears and holes in the body of the towels, thereby making your product last longer and significantly reducing your replacement costs.

EcoKnit® Towels bringing luxury to the Hospitality Industry

Traditional towels, have a 50/50 split of weight in the pile to base construction. 50% of their weight is in the pile and the other 50% remains in the base in order to retain pile retention (prevent the loops been pulled out).

EcoKnit® Towels have 80% of the overall weight of the towel in the pile thereby giving guests a longer, softer pile which provides a more luxurious feel. More cotton in the pile also gives better absorption! Independent tests show EcoKnit has 30% better absorption and in abrasive tests EcoKnit pile lasted 30,000 cycles compared to 15,000 in a standard 100% cotton product of the same weight.

On average our pile height is 6mm across our qualities.

EcoKnit® Towels Technology reduces your weight and still maintain your existing quality

Because EcoKnit® Towels have 80% of the weight in the pile to give it a full luxurious feel and finish. We can therefore reduce the weight of the towel to make further cost savings while still maintaining existing quality. EcoKnit® can be made up to 10% lighter and yet still look and feel like your existing quality. This enables you to reduce the cost of the product, thereby creating further budget savings.

EcoKnit® Towels have an open base construction

This allows water to be expelled from the towel more effectively and efficiently. Compared to a standard 100% cotton towel, EcoKnit Towels have a 20% lower residual moisture content after extraction.Less water to be evaporated means quicker drying times and less energy required.

A further advantage means no more burst holes in the fabric if you have a press machine. You can increase the pressure as a result, thus speeding up the process and increasing your capacity through the laundry.

EcoKnit® Towels have exceptional colourfastness

Wash our white EcoKnit® Towels to 95°C and our EcoKnit® coloured Towels to 70°C

EcoKnit® Towels pay for themselves

The energy and water savings gained from processing EcoKnit® Towels will compensate for your purchase cost. This effectively makes your EcoKnit® towels free! No other terry towel can offer the same return on investment.

If you also take into consideration what EcoKnit® saves in wastage terms(no snags, no frayed edges, holes forming from a weak base construction) these alone can account for as much as 20% of your stock.

EcoKnit® Towels will help reduce your carbon footprint

With reduced drying times and less energy consumed with each cycle, you can now reduce your carbon footprint and become ever efficient and more Eco friendly than before. EcoKnit® is the most energy efficient cotton terry towel in the world today.

EcoKnit® is considered a low carbon product, as such it will reduce your emissions and help meet Climate Change Agreement targets.

EcoKnit® Towels guarantee to increase your laundry capacity and overall efficiency

Usually washers work faster than dryers, upsetting the balance within a laundry and increasing the cost of utilising an extra dryer.

With 40% quicker drying times, EcoKnit® will now help balance your production, alleviating the problem of having wet towels lying around or spending on further drying machines.

This extends to space saving issues on premises, no space allowance for extra dryers, with EcoKnit towels you can keep to equal number of washer / dryers.

Trials show EcoKnit towels dry up to 30 minutes faster per load. On a 10 hour laundry shift that is a 5 hour saving.

EcoKnit® Towels are Green

EcoKnit® above all passes savings to its uses. An advantage of these savings means you will now be taking steps to help our environment

Using less resources like water and energy means you will be reducing your dependence on what’s pure and natural. Reducing ones energy consumption means reducing your Carbon dioxide levels. Making our products last longer mean you don’t have to throw them away as often, great news for the environment!

Laundries can’t live on price alone. Determining a product’s true value requires a focus on quality and processing costs too.

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What EcoKnit® can do for your business and its guests?

Commercial Laundries

EcoKnit® technology has the potential to transform the way you do business – reducing energy consumption by up to 40% and water use by around 15%.

Towels are dry and ready to use much quicker, increasing your laundry capacity without the need to invest in additional dryers. They also last two to three times longer than traditional terry towels, so need replacing less often.

The product pays for itself through energy and water savings, giving you the lowest laundering cost of any cotton towel available.

The reduction in carbon emissions could also allow you to benefit from Climate Change Agreement rebates in electric and gas rates.


If you have your own laundry on site, you’ll experience the same benefits as commercial laundries with up to 40% reduction in energy and 15% in water. You’ll also be able to reduce your stock due to the faster turnaround time from laundry to bathroom.

There are benefits for your brand too. By using EcoKnit® you’re setting a great example and showing your guests you care about environmental issues.


Guests will love the luxurious feel of the product and can often be encouraged to use towels twice and therefore help in preserving the environment.

The towels dry quickly and we recommend you ask your guests to re-use them if they’re happy to do so. Millions of towels are laundered each day throughout the world producing vast amounts of carbon dioxide, this small change could make a huge difference to the hospitality industry as a whole.