EcoKnit Cotton Robe Classic (White)

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EcoKnit® is engineered to reduce towel laundering costs.
It reduces your energy and water consumption, saves you time, increases your capacity and reduces your processing costs.
EcoKnit’s unique construction makes the product exceptionally durable and long lasting.

  • Robes dry on average 50% faster than a traditional 100% cotton option-  Save on time and reduced energy costs
  • Tested to 300 washes! Compared to only 70 washes on standard cotton robes on the market.
  • Requires 15% less water  – Reduced water per wash
  • Snag resistant & more durable – Cannot fall to pieces – Reduce wastage saves 20% of annual stock
  • Eco-friendly – Reduce energy – Reduce Carbon emissions – Reduce Water – Reduce wastage
  • Free EcoKnit robes  – Savings pay for the cost of the product
  • 2-3 times longer product life Save on replacement costs
  • More Luxury in EcoKnit – Weight for weight, EcoKnit is more luxurious
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Certified against harmful substances used in the manufacturing and dyeing process

Labelling: Unique colour coded size options for quick referencing in sorting and handing out

Colour: White
Design: Classic plain terry

This product can be detailed with embroidery, piping and labels

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1 review for EcoKnit Cotton Robe Classic (White)

  1. Maria

    I purchased the charcoal grey robe and the service, quality was fantastic. This robe is really so lovely and when you wash it this becomes even more soft and luxurious. Will make a wonderful gift for someone special. Thank you.

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