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About Hartdean Limited

Was established in 1997. Since then we have been manufacturing and supplying our EcoKnit™ towels around the world.

We supply customers in Northern & Southern Africa, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe and UK.

Aside from supplying our EcoKnit™ Towels we have range of complimentary products catering for Hotels, B&B's, Nursing Homes, Beauty salons, Hospitals, Laundries, Gyms and Spa's.

At Hartdean we believe in looking after the enviroment and the importance of looking after what we have, if we dont, than there will be nothing left for furture generations to enjoy. We have an Enviromental Policy that we hope customers and suppliers alike will follow. With the policy in mind and the responsibility it carries, we at Hartdean have created the EcoKnit™ Towel.

With up to 40% less energy consumed & carbon emmissions released into the atmosphere with every cycle, and a product that lasts 2 to 3 times longer than woven, our footprint is very small indeed!

Over 40 Years Experience in-house and 4 generations later

Since 1928, 4 Generations of Balladon's have followed each other into the field of Textiles. Developing new ideas and creating better products for the hospitality and retail industry around the world.

Hartdean is able to offer its experience in the textile industry, In the Technical field of manufacturing, Product development and sales.

We also offer a consultancy service to those companies who process our EcoKnit™ fabrics.

Today, like everyday since 1975, we continue to market this exceptional EcoKnit™ towel, sending out consignments to every corner of the globe, creating awareness for a product that is in so many ways superior to traditionally woven towels.

We are a friendly and efficient company so please don't hesitate to contact Paul on 01908 642615 with questions you may have about our Product range.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply the hospitality & the retail sector with the best value for money quality product to anywhere in the UK, Europe and beyond. This we believe, and yet to be proved otherwise, is with the EcoKnit™ Quick Drying Snag Free Terry Towel, The Most Technically Advanced Terry Towel In The World Today! EcoKnit™ Towels guarentee energy savings up to 30%!