Microfibre Vat Dye Hand Towels 6/pk, Latte

£7.20 ex.VAT

Pack of 6 units (price equivalent to £1.20 per hand towel)

Size: 45 x 90cm
Colour: Latte
Weight: 300gsm
Sewing: Hemmed all round

ADVANTAGES of EcoKnit Microfibre Hand Towels

1. Dyes, Bleach, Chlorine & Ammonia Resistant, perfect for hairdressers, beauty salons – any woven towel that can stand up to all these would be twice the price.
2. Snag Resistant & will not fray or tear in the washing / dry process
3. Quick Drying, up to 80% quicker than cotton towels. Line Dry – Eco Friendly – Energy Saving!
4. Long Life – more than 3 times the lifespan of cotton towels!
5. Cheaper than the cotton equivalent with the same advantages.
6. Germ Buster – The Micro filaments are less prone to harbour bacteria as in cotton.
7. Shrink Resistant – No Shrinkage & will not lose shape guaranteed.
8. Fit more units per wash load = less wash loads required, quicker turn around times.
9. Lint Free in Laundries, No blocking of filters

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