EcoKnit Mosaic Cotton 100 x 220cm (400gsm)

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EcoKnit Mosaic Cotton

With oils and treatments becoming more challenging for laundries to remove, higher temperatures and harsher chemicals are being used to remove these stains. This damages the product and reduces its lifespan, eventually leading to thread bare and ripped/torn products. This means more replacements and ultimately increasing costs.

EcoKnit products overcome all these problems
Our unique construction means oils and treatments sit on the surface and are not absorbed into the base, thus enabling easier washing, cleaner products and an extended life.

Snag & tear free for the life of the product
Quick drying, average of 40% reduction, energy efficient, reduce water consumption by 15%
Longer life span by 2/3 times the life of a traditionally woven product
Remove oils easily with lower temperatures and reduced chemicals
No residual oils remain, leaving the product feeling and smelling fresh
Eco friendly, reducing CO2, water, chemicals & wastage, Oeko-Tex certified
Reduce the cost of processing your textiles in energy use and time saved
Health & Safety – Eliminate combustion problems
Wash to 90 degrees C – VAT dyed – Colour will not fade

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